Clevedon Farmers Market

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The Clevedon Village Farmers’ Market

Join the friendly atmosphere of the Clevedon Village Farmers’ Market on Sunday mornings.

Be tempted by the seasonal offerings of fruit and vegetables picked as recently as the night before if not early on market morning. Make the most of the opportunity to sample and hand-pick the best provisions, be inspired by cooking tips and recipes from our stallholders.

For the most bountiful display shoppers need to rise early as trading is brisk and some produce lines are gone by mid-morning. Inspiration for early birds can be found in the fresh baking, pastries and espresso available at the market.

Fill your basket or bag with a colourful and interesting array of produce and provisions that have been made or grown for you with the utmost care by vendors whose aim is to provide the district with quality, fresh and reasonably priced food.

The Clevedon Village Farmers Market is open every Sunday morning except over Christmas and Easter Sunday, and Clevedon A&P Show day.

The market is located in Clevedon Village at the Clevedon A&P Sale Yards and Exhibition Hall at the Clevedon Showgrounds, Monument Road.

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